COVID-19: events reveal that we are in the antechamber of socialism

The extraordinary measures put in place for more than a week now by the provincial governments and the federal government

Indefenite General Strike in Home Childcare Service: Fair and Legitimate Demands

The recent events surrounding home childcare services give rise to excellent reflections on the current links, as well as those

Bombardier Assets Liquidation: Quebec’s Bourgeoisie Readjust and Strengthen itself

Despite previous sales of assets and subsidiaries operated by the company, we all knew that Bombardier had not been able

The fight of the skilled workers at the CRC-FCL refinery: a demonstration of organizational skills and worker determination

The fight of the 800 skilled workers from Unifor Local 594 against the owners of the Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC)

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  • The major groups of the proletariat: the masses of our epoch inside the imperialist countries
    Following the disappearance of the developed communist organizations which existed before the period of ebb of the world revolution, the revolutionaries found themselves largely separated from the living reality of the working class and the […]
  • The 10 major groups of the proletariat
    The following class analysis is subsequent to the one that was first presented in the first paper edition of ISKRA, it deals with what we call “the 10 major groups” that constitute the Canadian proletariat as whole. This analysis helps […]
  • Saputo: a capitalist like any others
    Lately, the alleged links between the Saputo enterprise and organized crime have caused a stir in the bourgeois media. It all started on January 16 when the Radio-Canada program Enquête devoted an episode to the personal and business relationships […]
  • Brexit: the new tactics of British capital in face of Europe economic unification
    On January 31, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), what has been dubbed Brexit, is an event which, without being major in itself, is of some importance on the international scale. The economic repercussions of Brexit […]
  • Jeanne Corbin (1906-1944): exemplary communist of her time
    The history of the communist movement in Canada is too little known. However, his story is rich in experiences and lessons. The working class organization of the Communist Party of Canada in the 1920s and 1930s should be of interest to all […]
  • Port of Montreal: dockworkers are determined to fight!
    Pending the decision of the court about essential services to maintain in the event of a strike, members of the Union of dockworkers of the port of Montreal (local 375 of CUPE) have just voted overwhelmingly for a third time in favor of the […]
  • Venezuela: Down with the intervention of US imperialism and its allies!
    Canadian imperialism has recently joined forces with other imperialist powers, mainly the United States, to overthrow, through a coup d’état, President Nicolás Maduro’s government in Venezuela, accusing it of exercising dictatorial power […]
  • Declaration of the Editorial Board #2 – On party reconstruction
    A few weeks ago, the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) celebrated its twelfth anniversary. This event is, every year, an opportunity for our organization to gather its forces before launching them again into the struggle of the coming months. This […]
  • On May 1st, let us commemorate politically the centenary of the heroic Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 by storming the financial centre of Montreal!
    This year, May 1st has special significance for the Canadian proletariat. It coincides with the centenary of an event whose recollection remains forever engraved in its memory, an event that, at the time, allowed it to learn fundamental lessons and, […]
  • 12th anniversary of the RCP: Let’s break the ceilings of the past!
    Opening speech given on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the RCP Comrades! We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Revolutionary Communist Party: 12 years of countercurrent struggle to build a true […]
  • Revolutionary March 8, International Working Women’s Day! All over the world, exploited women are standing up and fighting!
    “In the history of humanity, no great movement of the oppressed has been accomplished without the participation of women workers. The latter, the most oppressed among the oppressed, could not and never stood aside from the great path of the […]
  • No, there is no labour shortage in Quebec!
    Original Post – November 13, 2018 ISKRA In Quebec, capitalists have been engaged for some time in a new ideological campaign against the proletariat. This offensive consists in spreading the idea that there would be a labour shortage in the […]
    Original Post – October 21, 2018 ISKRA The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which officially entered into force on 1 January 1994, was an extension to Mexico of the economic agreement that had already linked the United States and […]
  • Elections: Brazil, reactionary mobilization and revolutionary mobilization!
    Original Post – November 15, 2018 ISKRA The elections in Brazil finally led to the victory of the far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro (former military and fierce defender of the armed forces). Far from being a surprise, the results of this […]
  • At the heart of socialism: proletarian public health, universal comprehensive care and effective disease prevention!
    Original post – December 8, 2018 ISKRA The theme of health is popular among the proletariat and the working masses. This is perfectly understandable: during his life, every proletarian will inevitably need medical care at one time or another, […]
  • Some news about the people’s war in India
    Translated repost from November 11, 2018 ISKRA Created by the merger of the CPI (ML) PW and the MCCI in 2004, at a joint meeting of historic significance between the respective central committees of these two organizations, the CPI (Maoist) is the […]
  • 12th anniversary of the Revolutionary Communist Party
    Political gathering on January 28 with a view to 8 March and May Day 2019 January 28th will mark the 12th anniversary of the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP). On this occasion, the Party will hold a major political gathering to which are […]
  • The Objective Forms of Revolutionary Action
    Arsenal 10
    An Introduction to What Is Meant by Objective Forms of Revolutionary Action The notion of objective forms of revolutionary action originates in a materialistic and political appreciation of the experience historically accumulated by the […]
  • Introduction to Arsenal no. 10
    Arsenal 10
    To all those who fight for communism… The appearance of Arsenal no. 10 is a great step forward in the solidification of the revolutionary camp in Canada. This issue’s publishing by the Revolutionary Communist Party marks its entry into a new […]
  • Against the confusion and opportunism of Arsenal no. 9
    Arsenal 10
    This criticism is part of the struggle we have been leading for many months to repair the political damage done to the revolution by the Canadian opportunists. The Revolutionary Communist Party completely disavows the ninth issue of the Arsenal […]
  • “Boycott Elections!” International Significance of the Slogan
    Within the framework of the campaign for the boycott of the bourgeois elections introduced by the revolutionary communist Party (RCP), we publish an article of the revolutionary Charu Mazumdar, which supports the slogan for the boycott of the […]
    For the vast majority of the population, voting is useless. From one election to the next, the wealth gap continues to widen, attacks on workers are multiplying, the military budget increases, wars against the peoples of exploited countries carries […]
  • A Call for revolutionary correspondents! Help us build ISKRA, the magazine of revolution and proletarian struggle!
    Comrades! The recent launch of the revolutionary web magazine ISKRA is excellent news for the class struggle and the revolutionary proletariat in Canada. Every day, thousands of workers across the country are discovering, suffering and fighting back […]
  • A year of struggle !
    Speech on the occasion of the celebration of the PCR-RCP anniversary Sunday January 28, 2018. Our party, the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP), is a unique party. First of all, in 2007 we made the move to become a party in order to build it […]
  • Programme
  • Towards May Day 2019!
    Let us Fight for Socialism and our Demands! Today, the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) begins its twelfth year of existence with the launching of a broad political offensive against the Canadian imperialist bourgeoisie. We are setting forth on a […]
    This document is devoted to the episode of crisis that affected the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) towards the end of last winter. It is a follow-up on the first statement published on our website (, in which the Quebec District […]