Message from the PCR-RCP to the “Canada Tribute to Ka Fidel Agcaoili”

This message was read on August 8, 2020 at the Canada Tribute to Ka Fidel Agcaoili, which gathers comrades and friends of this great revolutionary and leader of the national democratic movement in the Philippines, who passed on July 23 at the age of 75:

Comrades and friends,

It is with great emotion that I join you for this celebration of the life and work of Ka Fidel. On behalf of the Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire-Revolutionary Communist Party, I convey our deepest condolences and our solidarity greetings to his many comrades, his loved ones and all those who had the privilege of fighting along him throughout a whole life devoted to the struggle for the liberation of the Filipino people and for ending all kinds of exploitation and oppression, in the Philippines and everywhere in the world.

The many testimonies published or heard since the announcement of his passing have underlined much better than I could the immense qualities of Ka Fidel, the dedication and self-sacrifice he has always shown, his constant commitment to the national democratic movement in the Philippines, and the smartness with which he undertook the various responsibilities he assumed in the service of the people and the revolution. An accomplished communist, Fidel Agcaoili provides a shining example of a deep militant commitment marked by conviction, courage and humility.

As representative of our organization, I personally had the chance to meet Ka Fidel a few times and discuss with him about issues concerning the Communist movement in the Philippines, in Canada and the International Communist Movement. In these discussions, he always shown a total respect for the points of view that we expressed, showing his modesty and humility. He had a genuine interest in the development of the revolutionary movement and the struggle of the popular masses in our country, including obviously that of the thousands of migrants from the Philippines who have joined the ranks of the Canadian proletariat.

There is no doubt that the death of Ka Fidel is a great loss for the international communist movement and the national democratic movement in the Philippines, but fortunately, his example will continue to inspire for a long time to come those who continue and will continue the struggle for the liberation of the humanity, including the next generations of communist revolutionaries.

Long live the memory of Comrade Fidel! Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines! Long live the struggle for communism and revolution!

Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP)