The recent launch of the revolutionary web magazine ISKRA is excellent news for the class struggle and the revolutionary proletariat in Canada. Every day, thousands of workers across the country are discovering, suffering and fighting back against capitalist exploitation and eagerly demand in return that we provide them with a vast network of information, political newspapers, revolutionary medias, proletarian news, workers’ stories and fighting letters, thousands of tools that allow them to be supplied with ammunition to organize and reach the target of the revolution. We have more than enough of the same bourgeois bastards that are vomiting on us day after day: we seek a way out, we seek answers, we hope to see communism gain strength, influence and clarity, and we want to tackle more and more of the larger issues of class struggle in Canada. The masses demand the organization of the rebellion! And it’s a clamor we cannot ignore! It is a requirement waiting to be satisfied that only encourages and amplifies the strength and determination of the vanguard in the country!

With ISKRA, our goal is to build an accessible, flexible and lively political journal, allowing to know and understand the varied communist point of view on the political news and the revolutionary struggle; a communist newspaper that is interested in the heroic struggle of the millions of men and women workers in the country who are shaping the world as it is; a newspaper that works to ensure that the various events in the political conjuncture serve the progress of the revolution camp by giving it the opportunity to sharpen its arsenal for taking on the fight. It is necessary to win larger sections of the proletariat in order to break with the news and the point of view of the bourgeois newspapers. We must seize the great pool of information, the immense revolutionary potential produced and reproduced by the class struggle and revealed by events that occur every day, the boundless courage of the proletariat, new forms of struggle, ideas put forward by the workers in production and the aspiration to socialism of the masses. This is a school where we will never stop learning!

We are the magazine of the proletarian struggle! We are the words of fire that will consume this unjust world! When we write, we hope to provoke the thunder of the action of the masses. And when the anger of the masses strikes this rotten old world, we want everyone to share it, make it resonate and make it known to the rest of our comrades, to the rest of the workers in the struggle. We want every worker who reads our newspaper to see us as one of their own, not as a mirror sending back a simple copy of themselves, but as the revelation, the hope of a new world that belongs to them as much as us! We want all the workers who discover our newspaper to become aware and feel that there is much force to be put in action and feel the inexhaustible potential that a united, conscious and politically organized class represents!

To those who hope for the revolution, we say: make ISKRA your newspaper! Read it, support it and share it! Send it your comments, your questions, your news. We need you! Be the eyes of the revolution in your factory! Be the voice of the exploited of your city! Be the party antenna in your area! Be a pioneer of the revolution in every corner of the country! Be one of the many and wonderful links in the chain unifying the revolutionary action of the Canadian proletariat!